Valori. Revamping the digital experience of a trailblazing magazine covering ethical finance and sustainable economy

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Valori is an Italian trailblazing digital magazine covering news about ethical finance and a sustainable economy on a national and global scale.

I had the chance to work alongside Valori's talented team between 2018 and 2020. During this time, one of the most significant projects we worked on was improving the on-the-go reading experience of the website.

In 2018, Moze Studio and Valori ventured into a Design Sprint, a co-design workshop to redesign and test a new concept for the website experience. After validating our assumptions with qualitative interviews, the initial concept quickly became a tangible reality, and two months after its relaunch, the website tripled the number of its readers. During this time, I was responsible for defining the user experience and executing the website's visual elements, from sketching the early concept tested during the Design Sprint to fine-tuning the final, high-fidelity design.

In 2020, the team joined forces to boost the user experience on specific website sections. The project started with a UX Interview Sprint once again led by Moze Studio, with the plan to investigate the quality of the reading experience. The feedback we received from interviews with users focused our efforts on redesigning the homepage, dossiers, and articles, the heart of Valori. We also iterated on the magazine's educational resources, giving more relevance to sections such as the financial glossary and eBooks.

The new Valori website resulted in a more reader-friendly experience by carefully balancing the proportions of the layouts and creating a harmonious relationship between the visual branding assets.

Contribution: UX Design, UI Design, User Testing

A-Team: Sergio Panagia (Technical Director), Paolo Tripodi (User Researcher), Matteo Montolli (Design Director), Michele Giorgi (Developer)

Designed at Moze Studio — 2020