I design digital products and experiences that accelerate cultural and environmental transformation to create resilient and fairer futures for people and the planet.

My juiciest design skills are product, UX, UI and brand design. Infused with a pragmatic, optimistic and research-based approach, my experience supports genuine and fearless ideas seeking planet-loving and transformative change in our everyday lives. As a designer, facilitator, and design lead, I have teamed up with countless fellow creatives, startups, businesses, and NGOs over the last six years.

When the screens are off, I am usually working out outdoors, training my patience through sewing, or falling in love with the ocean—over and over again—during my scuba diving adventures.

I work across:
  1. Product Design
  2. UX & UI Design
  3. User Research
  4. Mobile Design
  5. Web Design
  6. Brand Identity
  7. Graphic Design
  1. Senior Product Designer • holi
  1. Product Designer & Design Lead • Meeters
  1. UX & UI Designer • Moze Studio
  1. Design Intern • Brand&Soda
I enjoy working with people serious about:
  1. Climate adaptation
  2. Environmental protection
  3. Responsible consumption
  4. Circular design
  5. Cultural evolution
  6. Science-proof wellness
I don't waste my time with those fuelling:
  1. Climate meltdown
  2. Environmental degradation
  3. Overconsumption
  4. Planned obsolescence
  5. Anti-intellectualism
  6. Pseudoscientific products
Keep in mind:
  1. Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish
  2. Usually based in Italy (CEST)
  3. Powered by plants since 2016 🥦
Headshot of Valerie Sara Tonolli

Currently working at holi from my cozy corner in the Italian Alps