I help change-makers and visionary companies challenge the status quo through digital experiences that provide meaningful value across the fields of cultural and environmental transformation.

My digital design expertise focuses on product design, web design, UX and UI design, and branding. My skills bond with a strategic problem-solving approach and a deep knowledge of design thinking frameworks, allowing me to help innovative businesses navigate the present to imagine a better future. For the past five years, I have been collaborating with design studios, start-ups, and established companies on a wide range of challenges, wearing multiple hats: designer, facilitator, and team leader.

During my leisure time, you will find me reading an optimistic environmentalist book, wearing vintage garments with a cool vibe, and falling in love with the ocean over and over again on my scuba diving adventures.

I work across:
  1. Product Design
  2. UX & UI Design
  3. User Research & Testing
  4. Web Design
  5. Brand Strategy
  6. Brand Identity
  7. Art Direction
I enjoy working with businesses promoting:
  1. Climate Action
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Responsible Consumption
  4. Sustainable Design
  5. Cultural Evolution
  6. Social Justice
  7. Everyone else doing more good than harm
I refuse workING WITH businesses exacerbating:
  1. Climate Crisis
  2. Environmental Degradation
  3. Overconsumption
  4. Planned Obsolescence
  5. Anti-intellectualism
  6. Systemic Violence
  7. Anyone else doing more harm than good
  1. Senior Product Designer • Project Holi
  1. Product Designer & Design Lead • Meeters
  1. UX & UI Designer • Moze Studio
  1. Design Intern • Brand&Soda
Keep in mind:
  1. Taking on pro-bono collaborations for 2023. Exclusively for nonprofit organisations
  2. Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish
  3. Usually based in Italy (CEST)
Headshot of Valerie Sara Tonolli

Currently working at Project Holi from my little corner in the Italian Alps