Meeters. Redesigning a digital platform to share the passion for adventure and nurture long-lasting friendships

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Meeters is a start-up operating in the travel industry for people who share the same passion for adventure. Its main goal is to offer purposeful leisure experiences around the most beautiful locations in Italy.

I joined Meeters in April 2020 as the company’s first in-house designer and was responsible for redesigning many crucial parts of the website. One of the most exciting and challenging projects was revamping the overall experience of the discovery section, one of the most visited areas of Meeters's website.

In March 2021, I had the chance to lead the redesign of the explore section. We settled the project by following previous research addressing several UX pain points. We kicked off the project with a Design Sprint, a co-design workshop that allowed us to validate our hypotheses for the section by accessing direct feedback from interviews with Meeters's users about a new prototyped version of the area. After analysing the insights and deciding on the product direction with the team (including several sessions of review with key company team members), I designed the whole section in less than 10 days and coordinated the handoff with the development team.

This project was crafted with a mobile-first soul. It was the logical approach, as 87% of the users navigated the section with mobile devices. Among the several implemented improvements, the location and calendar components had the most critical updates: they were our customers’ most used features, allowing them to quickly find the experiences that best suited their interests. We also effectively reorganised the filtering options, which were not serving our users properly in the previous version.

The result? Within just a few days after the release in June 2021, the customer service team reported hundreds of enthusiastic feedbacks from users, who were pleased with the new version of the discovery section, since it now provided a digital experience that was easy to navigate and invited and excited users.

Contribution: Design Lead, Product Design, User Testing

A-Team: Davide Zanon (CPO), Giovanni Zorzato (CTO), Michele Paludetti (Designer), Danilo Mongelli (Developer), Michele Roselli (Developer)

Designed at Meeters — 2021