Galleria Bellucci. Crafting a minimalistic website for a design gallery exposing and selling wonders from the past‍

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Walking through the entrance of Galleria Bellucci in Milan gives the surreal sensation of entering the exhibition hall of a prestigious design museum.

The large white rooms, inhabited by the one-of-a-kind and limited series of furniture from the 20th century, transport buyers and curious eyes to an era where high-end furniture was shone at its full beauty.

I set up my process to design Galleria Bellucci's website to encapsulate the gallery's visual depth with this premise in mind. I created a clean aesthetic by combining minimal visual elements and bold, distinctive typography to allow the imagery of the gallery's iconic vintage furniture to stand out as the main characters of the website.

Contribution: Web Design

A-Team: 👽 (Developer)

Independent Project